Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan

In Export Support to Japan, we explained that Japan’s strict Pharmaceutical Affairs Law does not apply to websites hosted on servers outside Japan. However, when medical products, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, health food, vitamin supplements and medical devices are sold through distributors in Japan, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law must be complied with. This section provides some examples for how this law is applied.
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Language and Mind

I wrote an essay titled “Bilingualism and Learning” when I was studying applied linguistics at Monash University.    There have been many studies on different aspects of bilingualism, including bilingualism and intelligence, bilingualism and cognitive functioning, bilingual education.   As I was particularly interested in the concept of bilingual mind, I wrote this essay in relation to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, by Benjamin Lee Whorf (1897-1941), which states that thoughts and behaviours are determined (or influenced) by language. [Read more…]

Development of Machine Translation (MT) and Post Editing

I have been receiving increasingly more inquiries on post editing work of machine translated documents into Japanese.  The recent request involved ongoing and large volume post editing work of machine translated texts for a major hotel chain website. I did not take this opportunity because of other commitments, however I was actually surprised with the acceptable quality of machine translated examples. It is said that a large number of high profile companies including Adobe, Dell, ebay, Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc., are currently investigating and/or using MT technology in their localizing projects. These companies have found ways to best utilize MT in cutting cost and increasing productivity.  Of course these companies are not using free MT tools such as Google Translate. There are higher quality MTs that can generate better translation than online free tools, and that is what these companies are investigating. These more advanced MT systems are developed by some [Read more…]

Benefit of Bilingual Education

In the state of Queensland in Australia, organisations teaching community languages are called After Hours Ethnic Schooling (AHES) providers, and this school runs one of these programs.

On the HHES Program’s website, it is said that AHES Program increases the opportunity for students to access language education in addition to the mainstream schooling system. It is claimed that those students who attend AHES programs are able to more about the language and culture of their community and, in some cases, to improve their chances of getting into tertiary study of their choice, as increasing number of AHES students are now gaining credit for their year 12 language studies. It is a great achievement which fosters Australia’s future talent to become a global citizen, and I am hoping my daughter will be one of the bilingual talent for the future. [Read more…]