Marketing & Ad Design

marketing-materialRather than translating directly, advertising copy often needs to be more freely translated. In some cases, it is better to re-write it entirely as original English text often sounds too direct and strong.  This includes translations of copies used for Google Adwords and Yahoo campaigns.  We will add copy writing process when required.

In recent years, it is reported that the demand of transcreation services is increasing. The concept of “transcreation” involves customization of sentences and layouts for the target readers, rather than simply translating the source text. For example, when translating marketing materials or advertising copies, transcreation work requires creating a new text suitable for the target market, while maintaining important meanings in the source text.

There is a marketing copy from a car company, “New thinking, New Possibility’, and a copy from an IT company “Secure. Flexible. Yours”.  If they are directly translated into Japanesey, they lose power as a copy. In Japanese language, listing words like this does not make an effective copy.  So it is necessary to make it into a phrase or a short sentence, to achieve the purpose of creating an eye-catching advertising copy.

This applies to the marketing copies for Adwords campaign.  It is important to create the most suitable Japanese copy for your Adwards campaign, which carries similar message to the original English, to produce the best results.