Website Language Translation

WEBSITELucid Translations uses translators who have experience in a wide range of fields, including marketing, business, commercial, industrial, legal, and others. Your organisation’s website can be translated into different languages, using the same layout as the original English version. Generally speaking, translators don’t understand HTML coding and other Web programming languages, or  As website translation involves changing the source code of HTML (or other format such as PHP or  XML ) pages, or working directly working in CMS (Contents Management System), translators provide translated text extracted from the website to be translated.

As we have skilled staff in web development and web marketing, all the translated texts are correctly placed into the code section of the website, or translation is done directly in Contents Management System such as WordPress. You can be assured that all the translatable texts are localised into the target language using appropriate expressions in the target market.

We can develop Web site from scratch in English and/or other languages, or translate your existing Website if requested.   We offer website development services in English and/or other languages, using Contents Management System.  We also make sure that the translation process of each project will be clearly explained, as the process of web site translation involves a number of steps, and introduce opportunities for feedback from the client during the process.

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